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Giving Beekeeping Guidance by cOmputatiOnal-assisted Decision making

Here, you will find all public B-GOOD deliverables as well as all scientific publications resulting from or relevant to the project.
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D1.6: Protocols No.2

Authors: Coby van Dooremalen, Zeynep Ülgezen
Year: 2021
Deliverable number: D1.6
Download: (1.58 MB)

D1.2: Establishment of a professional helpdesk to assist beekeepers and researchers that experiencing difficulties during the execution of the field studies.

Authors: Marten Schoonman, April van Delden, Pim van Gennip, Coby van Dooremalen, Zeynep Ülgezen, Dirk C. de Graaf
Year: 2019
duedate: M07
Deliverable number: D1.2
Download: (0.95 MB)

D1.1: Protocols No.1

Authors: Coby van Dooremalen, Zeynep Ülgezen, Marten Schoonman, Pim van Gennip, Dirk C. de Graaf
Year: 2020
duedate: M10
Deliverable number: D1.1
Download: (1.57 MB)

qPCR assays with dual-labeled probes for genotyping honey bee variants associated with varroa resistance

Authors: Claeys Boúúaert, D., Van Poucke, M., De Smet, L. et al.
Year: 2021
Journal: BMC Veterinary Research
Volume/Issue: 17
Publisher/Place: BioMed Central
Pages: 179
Download: (1.09 MB)

Heritability estimates of the novel trait ‘suppressed in ovo virus infection’ in honey bees (Apis mellifera)

Authors: de Graaf, D.C., Laget, D., De Smet, L. et al.
Year: 2020
Journal: Scientific Reports
Volume/Issue: 10/1
Publisher/Place: Nature Publishing Group
Pages: 14310
Download: (1.61 MB)