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Giving Beekeeping Guidance by cOmputatiOnal-assisted Decision making

48th Apimondia Congress

Тhe biggest beekeeping event in the world where beekeepers, scientists, honey-traders, development workers, technicians and legislators meet to listen, discuss and learn from each other. 

The 48th Apimondia International Apicultural Congress is taking place in Santiago, Chile in September 2023. "APIMONDIA Chile 2023 - Sustainable Beekeeping, from the south of the world" is the slogan that will be discussed in different sessions of the Congress. The 5-day event will offer a rich scientific program, an ApiExpo full of innovations, associative debate on matters of transversal interest for all and technical tours oriented to three principal aspects of beekeeping in Chile.

Read more about the forthcoming conference here.

2023 International Conference on Pollinator Biology, Health and Policy

The Penn State Center for Pollinator Research is hosting the fifth International Conference on Pollinator Biology, Health and Policy on June 3-6, 2023.

The symposium will cover a range of topics, including mitigating the impacts of pathogens and parasites, deploying integrated pest and pollinator management to conserve pollinators and their ecosystem services in diverse landscapes, tools for monitoring and mapping biodiversity, principles and practices for designing biodiverse communities, and evaluations of the manifold impacts of climate change on pollinator and insect communities. Ongoing national and global initiatives in policy, education, and Extension will also be highlighted.

Abstract submission deadline will be September 15, 2022.

Read more about the forthcoming conference here.