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Giving Beekeeping Guidance by cOmputatiOnal-assisted Decision making

The Natural Disaster Expo Asia

The Natural Disaster Expo Asia is about raising environmental awareness and disaster risk reduction policies and strategies, reducing existing disaster risks and managing residual risks, contributing to the strengthening of resilience and reduction of losses. The Natural Disasters Expo Asia will be targeting to bring in 3000 international visitors, 200 speakers and a total of 300 innovation exhibitors to take part to display a very wide range of products, services and live demos related to Heat & Fire, Earthquake, Flood, and Storm.

More information on the event here.

Bat Week

Bat Week is an international and annual celebration to raise awareness about the need for bat conservation. Bats are vital to the health of our natural world and economy, since they eat a lot of insects, pollinate flowers, and spread seeds that grow new plants and trees.

More information here.

9th EurBee Congress

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the ninght EurBee Congress was postponed. The new date of the conference is scheduled to be 20-22 September 2022. The conference is going to take place in Belgrade, Serbia.

More information will be available here.

Twelfth International Symposium on Pollination (ISPXII)

The Twelfth International Symposium on Pollination (ISPXII) is an opportunity to learn more about pollination and pollinators in all fields. It will feature presentations by the leaders in pollination biology around the world, and it will allow young scientists to present their work and get to know the leaders in the field.

More information here.

Pollinators in Agriculture meeting in collaboration with the AAB & BES

The Association of Applied Biologists (AAB) and the Royal Entomological Society are delivering a 3-day conference “Shaping the Future for Pollinators: Innovations in Farmed Landscapes”. Pollinators are vital in maintaining both semi-natural and agricultural ecosystems, and their conservation and management is of great public, economic and political interest. This conference aims to bring together researchers, practitioners, and policymakers to discuss recent advancements in the field of pollinator research and to explore emerging technologies within the field.

More information here.

The festival of bees

The Festival of Bees in 2022 will most likely take place in September, at 3 locations around the UK - one in the South East, one in the North, and one in the South West - with venues to be confirmed shortly. This festival will celebrate the world of bees and pollinators, in an informative, educational and fun way.

More information here.

47th Apimondia International Apicultural Congress

Тhe biggest beekeeping event in the world where beekeepers, scientists, honey-traders, development workers, technicians and legislators meet to listen, discuss and learn from each other. 

The 47th Apimondia International Apicultural Congress is taking place in September 2022, with a 5-day program full of events and panels. Read more about the forthcoming conference here.

Register here.

International Conference on Applied Chemical Ecology and Pollinators

The International Research Conference is a federated organization dedicated to bringing together a significant number of diverse scholarly events, providing an exceptional value for students, academics, and industry researchers. It aims to bring together leading academic scientists, researchers, and research scholars to exchange and share their experiences and research on Applied Chemical Ecology and Pollinators.

More information here.

Don't Step on a Bee Day

On National Don’t Step on a Bee Day, attention is called to the need to protect bees by spreading the message about the current bee crisis and, for example, highlighting that without bees over a third of everything we eat would disappear from our tables.

More information here.