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Giving Beekeeping Guidance by cOmputatiOnal-assisted Decision making

16th COLOSS eConference 2020

The 16th edition of the COLOSS Conference is open for registration until 18 September 2020. Participation is limited to COLOSS members only.

The conference will consist of:

  •  Core Projects and Task Force Workshops - from 21 september 2020 (Monday) to 5 October 2020 (Tuesday);
  •  Main event - from 12 October 2020 (Monday) to 13 October 2020 (Tuesday). Participants are required to prepare rapid presentations (up to 3 minutes, no more than one slide of presentation).

More information about registration and attendance can be obtained at:

Fourth International Bee and Hive Monitoring Conference

The 4th International Bee and Hive Monitoring Conference is going to take place online. New presentations may be accepted until 18 September 2020. Registration is limited to the first 300 registrants.

Conference sessions will be held a few hours each day. Sessions will be organized by topic.

Furher information on registration and participation may be acquired on the following link:

2020 SICAMM Conference

As well as the conference talks, we will have excursions to see Native Irish Black Bees including the famous Galtees, a workshop on DNA testing and a practical demonstration of the ancient art of Skep making. 

11th Internation Meeting of Young Beekeepers - IMYB

The aim of the event is to raise a generation of young beekeepers who can follow in the footsteps of their more experienced colleagues and to help these young people grow fond of this independent profession so beneficial for the whole society. To achieve this, it is essential to gain the necessary knowledge and skills of keeping and understanding bees.

Beekeeper Trenčín

The fair Beekeeper in Trenčín is an exhibition for bee products and beekeeping equipment. Visitors can see many exhibitors there showing their latest products on beekeeping. The exhibitors can interact with each other and both make contacts with new customers, as well as new business partners.

Apislovenia Celje 2020

The ApiSlovenia in Celje is a fair for beekeepers and one of the largest fairs of its kind in Slovenia. In addition, it is visited by more and more beekeepers from abroad. 

BfD Bee Safari to Western Uganda

You will meet the beekeepers we have been working with over the past few years and witness first-hand the real and lasting impact that beekeeping is having on their communities.

This twelve-day trip will also provide you with the opportunity to visit Uganda’s closed-canopy forests and to encounter some of its fabulous wildlife.

XI Državni Pčelarski SAJAM

„Slatki sajam“  is an international event organized by the Association of Beekeeping Organizations of Serbia.

Iranian Honey Bee Congress 2020

The congress is hosted by the Apicultural Society of Iran and Animal Sciences Research Institute of Iran.

Natural Beekeeping Conference

Join HoneyLove January 18-19, 2020 for an unforgettable weekend filled with educational lectures and workshops, hands-on demonstrations, the latest in natural beekeeping techniques and findings, an elite collection of exhibitors and sponsors, rare opportunities for you to connect with likeminded beeks, sweet raw honey tastings from around the world!

2020 PoshBee Annual Meeting

The 2020 Annual Meeting of PoshBee's full project assembly will take place from 14-16 January in Marsille, France.

About PoshBee:

PoshBee aims to support healthy bee populations, sustainable beekeeping and pollination across Europe. Integrating the knowledge and experience of academics, beekeepers and farmers, PoshBee will:

  • provide the first pan-European quantification of the exposure hazard of chemicals to managed and wild bees;
  • determine how chemicals alone, in mixtures, and in combination with pathogens and nutrition, affect bee health, and;
  • meet the need for monitoring tools, novel screening protocols, and practice- and policy-relevant research outputs to local, national, European, and global stakeholders.

More information to follow.


B-GOOD First General Assembly Meeting

The first full project assempbly meeting of the B-GOOD project will take place on 2 & 3 December 2019, hosted by the University of Coimbra, Portugal.

14th Symposium on the Hazards of Pesticides to Bees

Our Eva has been before to this conference and she thought it very good. It pretty much hits all of the PoshBee buttons, so perhaps we should think of getting involved in a more structured manner. These are the different streams for abstract submission:

1. Risk assessment/Risk management

2. Honeybee Brood Testing

3. Laboratory/Semi-field/Field Testing

4. Non-Apis bee Testing

5. Monitoring

6. Testing of Micro-organisms (microbial pesticides)

More information:

46th Apimondia – International Apicultural Congress

The 46th edition of the International Apicultural Congress - Apimondia - will take place from 8 to 12 September 2019 in Montréal, Canada.

The theme of the congress in 2019 will be: Working together in agriculture. This is a challenge that can be solved only by providing sufficient information to all actors in this field.

Beekeeping is an agricultural industry that depends largely on farmers. They grow different crops on the land, using different plant protection products that can also pose a threat for bees. Good cooperation between farmers and beekeepers is therefore indispensable, since farmers also need bees for the production of certain agricultural plants that depend on pollinators.

More information about the congress and how to register is available here.


15th COLOSS Conference 2019

The 2019 International meeting of COLOSS will provide an update on the network’s achievements and future directions, including meetings for COLOSS Core Projects and Task Forces. During the conference the Annual General Assembly Meeting will aslo take place, including elections for the Executive Committe.

More infromation to follow here: