B-GOOD project is presented at the 2021 EU Pollinator Week

The B-GOOD project was presented at the 2021 edition of the EU Pollinator Week which took place online between 27-30 September. B-GOOD project partner Dr. Coby van Dooremalen from Wageningen Food and safety Research (WFSR) participated in the European Research Projects: Monitoring Pollinators and Their Stressors session, which focused on the overview of some of the EU research projects gathering data of the status of EU pollinators or the stressing factors that can affect them, such as environmental pollutants, pathogens, landscape, weather, etc.

In her talk, Coby presented the objectives and development of the B-GOOD project, as well as the methods that project partners apply to achieve the project’s main objectives. "B-GOOD aims to make bees’ and beekeepers’ lives easier by gathering and analysing data from within and around beehives as well as socio-economic conditions", she elaborated.

The EU Pollinator Week is an event that focuses on the importance of pollinators for healthy ecosystems, wellbeing, and culture. In 2021, it was an online event with the theme "A New Deal for Pollinators". The 2021 EU Pollinator Week was organised by Members of the European Parliament under the chairmanship of Martin Hojsík and BeeLife European Beekeeping Coordination, in partnership with the European Commission, the Slovenian Presidency of the Council of the EU, and the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA).

The event brought together all relevant stakeholders, including public authorities, non-governmental organisations, scientists, beekeepers, farmers, business organisations, and citizens. Together, the participants discussed ideas to promote public policies and stakeholder actions that protect healthy populations of wild and managed pollinators, and the invaluable benefits they provide to society.

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