New video demonstrates the application of B-GOOD’s Lateral Flow Devices (LFDs)

A new B-GOOD video titled "Lateral flow device for neonicotinoid contamination screening" shows the application of the lateral flow devices (LFDs) for detection of the presence of pesticides. 
B-GOOD partners of University of Coimbra and Wageningen Food Safety Research (WFSR) tested the LFDs’ ability to detect neonicotinoids under laboratory and field conditions in several honey bee colony components - nectar, honey, pollen, beebread. Furthermore, they assessed their capacity using landscape samples - flowers and leaves used by bees.

The short video demonstrates the usage of lateral flow devices under field conditions right after collecting the colony samples and contains a step by step protocol. B-GOOD researchers find that this method of field condition detection is very convenient. Therefore, they believe these devices could be very useful for beekeepers who want to know if their colonies have been exposed to these chemical compounds. 

Watch the video here.